Camp Fires

by Camp Fires

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"Their debut EP shows a band that is no stranger to indie, electro, pop, new wave and Americana, and who know how to combine these different genres into their very own sound." 8/10 -


released April 8, 2016

Mastered by Christopher Cline
Cover Photo by Ashley Evans


tags: rock


all rights reserved


Camp Fires

We are called Camp Fires
We write songs of love and hope:
We are the same ghost.

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Track Name: In My Backyard
In my backyard
There’s a street, there’s a road, there’s a home
In my backyard, there’s some love, there’s some hope
It’s my home

And in the morning
When I wake up
I feel the sun
I feel it all

But you know I want to
Feel it all with you

And you know I want to
Share it all with you

With you
Track Name: Olde E
And then I put the sun on my face, oh yeah
I felt this so many times I’ve lost my place

I took some heat today
God bless Fox Peak today
Bought me some quick revival
Got me some liquid bible

I found my walking shoes
Petty cash can’t kick the blues
Track Name: Woman
Woman, let's make love tonight
Woman, you've got that look in my eyes
Woman, I need to feel you inside

Woman, let's make love tonight
And we'll slide away

Woman, I need you by my side
Woman, I'm gonna treat you right
Woman, I'll buy you diamond rings

Woman, I'm gonna make you scream
With love

Woman, let's make love tonight
Woman, you've got that look in your eyes
Woman, I need you by my side

Woman, I'm gonna treat you right
Gonna treat you right
Track Name: The Lonely Road
When I woke up I was shivering in my bed
I am God when I’m whiskey fed
But now I’m coming down
And the road is rough

3am, I’m begging in my bed
For relief from a heart full of dread
All I did and said
Is tearing me up

I asked the Sun to show me his face
But in the silence there wasn’t a trace
But faith is faith when there isn’t proof
And an empty bottle only lets the devil loose

I found love on a lonely road
Track Name: Beyond the Dirt
Countless faults going through my mind all the time
I took the road
I walked the miles
And I feel fine
I was blind but now I can see the way

Be the stars, watch you shine
It’s so divine
We belong to earth, beyond the dirt
We feel time

But when those dark clouds come rolling in
And you’re drowning in your sin
‘Cause the world is not your friend
But I am
Hold my hand and me
Only love will set you free
You just need a little faith